[Giveaway] Kelvestor is One Month Old

UPDATE: The winner is Ariel Chew! Congratulations! I will email you privately and mail the book to your house! 🙂

2018-06-18 21_44_52-Window.png

Dear friends:

Three days ago, on June 7, WordPress informed me that my blog turned 1 month old!

2018-06-10 12_09_20-Happy one-month birthday to kelvestor.wordpress.com! - kelvesy@gmail.com - Gmail.png

I started this blog because I love to share insights. When I was starting out on this investment journey, I had no mentors and I had to bump around. I knocked myself over a few times before finding a process that compounds my wealth. In the first week, I was overwhelmed and extremely grateful for the number of followers.

Today… according to WordPress stats, I have readers from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, UK, Taiwan, United States, China, and more. As of today, there are 577 followers. It is such an honour to be able to do this.

My content is not the best and there could be many errors. Many times, I received emails that some of my numbers are wrong so I quickly rectified it.

To commemorate this special occasion, I am giving away a book titled…

The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon


Reviews: Amazon and Goodreads

I chose this book because it demonstrated that, in life, it is able to have the courage to experiment, fail and think long term. That was exactly an example of Jeffism, a term coined by the employees working under Jeff Bezos. Also, it demonstrated the price for being unconventional. The book also included some interesting stories of how painful it was to work for Jeff because he’s always that demanding. I am giving away a brand new hardcover.

To participate, answer the few questions:

  1. How did you come to know my blog?
  2. What would you like to see more on my blog?

Share my blog with your friends but that is optional.

Email your answers to kelvesy@gmail.com, and I will choose someone randomly!

This giveaway is for readers residing in Singapore only. I will mail the hardcover to you. The contest ends on 15 June 2018, 8PM (UTC +8).

Hope to know everyone better!


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