I’ve realised personal reflections has its upsides. Therefore, this blog was motivated.

I aim to use this outlet to share my humble opinions on topics and grow further as an investor. My target is to reflect more, and make better decisions.

A small background about myself:

I am grateful for the opportunity to pick up investing during my time in Temasek Polytechnic. I was supposed to enter university with a scholarship from the government. Delivering a shock, I gave it up to pursue a full time job conducting value investing courses and I became an analyst working for a fund (AUM USD >$25m) for roughly a year. I left the job on end April 2018 to be a full-time investor.

I research companies on a daily basis and love to explore life.

My reading interests are entrepreneurial activities, history, current affairs, politics, finance, and technology. I ride an unicycle as well. I also look forward to learn and interact with people, so please drop me an email at kelvesy@gmail.com

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”