School of Value Investing

This is a section where useful links for investors are here. If you have any interesting or useful websites for investors, please let me know via the comment section or email me at 

Stock Alerts, Announcements, Transactions and Screeners: for Chinese companies announcements for Hongkong stock alerts – a directory for HK financial websites for USA stocks screening for USA and Asia-Pacific screening for USA screening for USA insider transactions for a range of HK companies information on shares movement and buy-backs

Daily Dosage of Growth for great opinions and learn how to analyse companies better. Founder is Jae Jun. for Vishal Khandelwal’s thinking on investment. for a series of articles and commentary written by fund houses. – written by John Huber of Saber Capital Management, LLC to learn how greatest wealth is created in stocks. to learn the thinking process of Scott Miller for Morningstar India articles to learn how to select competent management and investment philosophy. on articles written on Singapore and Malaysia companies. It includes annual general meeting summaries. for thoughts of Tren Giffin. I love it a lot. Tons of interesting content. for Harvard Business Review articles. for high-quality articles written about mostly USA-listed companies. It has a strong and growing community. for wealth management, investments, financial markets and investor psychology. for his blogs

ContrarianValue Edge for Anil’s writings which I love so much. for Monish Pabrai’s exclusive content – this blog is written by my friend, Kyith. I enjoyed his thought process of how to achieve financial freedom and he walks the talk. for the enormous archive of Warren Buffett’s life for Graham and Doddsville Newsletter – Notes and Compilation on Value Investing compiled by Venkatesh Jayaraman

Funds: – Saber’s objective is to compound capital over the long-term by making investments in undervalued stocks of high-quality businesses. – Akre Capital – An aggregator website for various fund commentaries. – Hidden Champions Fund – H.E.R.O. Innovators Tech Fund – 2Point2 Capital is an investment firm that focuses on taking concentrated bets for the long term in high quality publicly listed Indian companies at reasonable valuations.